Rose (140k)

We are pleased to let you know that we now have our second book available ‘Weeds in the Heart‘ – more details can be found clicking on the link. This stunningly produced book is a rich journey through the characters of the herbs (sacred weeds!) that grow all around us.

Ruskin Apothecary is the base for the School of Intuitive Herbalism, which offers courses ranging from three days to an apprenticeship extending to seven years. The aim of all courses is to help you enrich and develop your own relationship with the herbal world. Though the skillful development of our innate intuitive awareness, we can learn from the herbs and in turn pass these teachings on in a practical, useful and healing ways.

As the legal and financial aspects of herbalism get increasingly tightened up, I believe there is even more need for people to develop their own, first hand experience of real, living plants as medicine. It is those who have this passion who keep the tradition of herbal medicine vibrant, learning from our ancestors and developing the craft after our own experiences. You’ll find that it is an incredible gift to be able to share skills in healing with those around you, and a relationship with the herbs that grow nearby is an important part of this.

Previous students range from those just starting out on a path of healing to experienced practitioners wanting to widen their skills. It has also been great having people whose interest in for their own personal development or to develop these skills for growing, artistic work or teaching.

The focus in all our teaching is to help you develop your intuition around herbs by means of direct experience. Teaching is highly experiential; this approach is a great way of learning about herbs – books are great but information is quickly forgotten – learning by experience means that once learned never forgotten!

For some feedback from past students see this link.

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